Rise of the indie music

It has filled me with great delight that for the last 2 years, the independent music scene has been peppier. I am not exactly celebrating the failure of the very talented Lady Gaga‘s ARTPOP or the mediocrity of the very beautiful Katy Perry‘s Prism. What makes me happy is the rise of the popularity of indie music in Manila that can be seen in the increase of music festivals. Giving the spotlight to these artists who are at times made up of a bunch of underrated musicians just feels so right. The popularity that these artists garnered through the social media, TV shows, movies, and applications like Spotify, have been sealed by their association to the clubbing scene. Their collaborations with EDM artists suddenly made their independent songs the anthem of the cool kids instead of just being listened to by kids with taste. It is considered cool nowadays to listen to a band that not many people know when it was frowned upon years ago, and this is good. However, some people who have known these bands and artists long before their mainstream success feel betrayed that the people who outcasted their musical taste suddenly changed sides because of the shades of coolness associated with people who listen to this genre.Taylor Swift‘s 1989 has been a firewood added to the flame of being annoyed by earlier fans of the independent bands. However, the sound of the album being similar to that of independent records actually sealed this era of independent music despite Taylor Swift being a mainstream artist.

Taylor Swift's 1989
Taylor Swift’s 1989

I have discovered this independent band Alvvays just hours after the midnight welcoming 2015. I immediately sent links of their song “Archie, Marry Me” to friends who care about the quality of the song more than the popularity of the band.


They sound like the 90s in the best way possible. Alvvays – Archie, Marry Me


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