My sister sent me a Uniqlo shirt from Singapore 5 years ago and I was too young to pay attention to brand back then. I just knew that I loved the shirt. When Uniqlo first opened in Manila 3 years ago, I didn’t go out of my way just to check it, still unaware that the shirt I loved came from that brand. When I discovered Uniqlo, I loved how many of their clothes are classic while their approach is very airy, not uncommon for Japanese brands. I also love how affordable the chic clothes are as compared to the designer shirts in the market like Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. Now that I have more control on my wardrobe, I make sure that everything I wear is timeless and Uniqlo has helped me in achieving that.

Uniqlo x Museum of the Modern Arts NY
Uniqlo x Museum of the Modern Arts NY

While I adore their classics, I find their graphic tees more suitable for my more adventurous and younger brother. Uniqlo’s collaboration with MoMA not only produced shirts with cool graphic prints but prints with substance and cultural relevance.


I would consider wearing graphic tees if Uniqlo would collaborate with some of my favorite surrealist artists like Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, or Giorgio de Chirico.

Giorgio de Chirico

Right now, I would stick with my classics from Uniqlo, my favorite fast fashion brand.


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