Lifestyle Stores

I love lifestyle stores. My favorites here in Manila are listed in no particular order.


I first found out about Heima when my bestfriend brought me to the part of Manila, much like a mini SoHo. Cubao Expo that will soon be demolished for further development in the Araneta Center, houses a number of independent boutiques and the quirkiest stores that carry the 80s eccentricity of Manila in the most hipster fashion yet. We pushed the door to Heima open, wearing our high school uniforms, to be greeted by a nostalgic scent I will never forget.

Heima olive room spray
Heima olive room spray

Heima’s notebooks look so good that they almost look edible. I can stare at these notebooks all day, but I will never get them for myself; perhaps they would make great gifts.

Heima notebooks
Heima notebooks

Their bikes remind me of the ones you see in old photographs, but in technicolor.

Heima bicycles

They have the prettiest furniture but just like the notebooks, I could stare at them all day but I will never get them for myself; not until I set up a Heima-themed room at home.

Heima Vanity Desk
Heima Vanity Desk

I can probably use Heima washi tapes to brighten up my Muji planner this year.

Heima washi tape guide
Heima washi tape guide


Fan that made me check different Beabi stores for months to find
Fan that made me check different Beabi stores for months to find

Compared to Heima’s vibrance and dollhouse-like theme, Beabi offers a more basic but timeless selection of bags, stationery, toiletry cases, fans, and a whole lot more. Even though I love how casual Beabi’s bags are, this overly casual but not basic enough tourist-inspired hideousness exists.

Beabi bag

The huge fan I bought and tried so hard to find a stock of in the exact color I want is actually my favorite item in Beabi.

Black Beabi Fan

I also love this pail that our helpers use in the kitchen. I like how it allows one to identify its contents without having to open it. I also like how full of possibilities it is being basic and contemporary at the same time.

Clear Beabi pail with tin lid.

The last item I love in Beabi a the pen case which only costs Php 70 while a pen case in Muji with the same material and concept costs about Php 170. It would be unwise to pick a more expensive item over a less pricey one with the same function and quality.


Muji is very much like Beabi in atmosphere and approach in designing toiletry cases, storage items, and stationery. Muji, however, offers a whole lot more than these that Beabi can just be a section in it. Beabi doesn’t have this.

Muji organic cotton navy blue button down

Muji also has more tasteful bags.

Muji tote

Although Muji has more pricey pen cases, the quality of the notebooks, pens, and planners they have make up for it.

Muji notebook
Muji pens I have used for months
Muji pens I have used for months
My Muji planner from last year
My Muji planner from last year

The austerity of this pen pot reminds me of the clear Beabi pail.

Muji clear acrylic pen pot

Even though Muji does not have the fan that I love, they have this.

Muji clear acrylic table with magazine rack

I will still probably go back to Beabi if and when my fan breaks, and to Heima for the washi tapes, scents, and art though.


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