Crisostomo by Chef Florabel

I hate having to wake up early but I had to attend my niece’s confirmation at Santa Maria della Strada Parish Church. We headed to Crisostomo after for brunch and the place looked good. Its interior is inspired by an old Filipino home sans the passe varnished wood. It exudes airiness and understated sophistication. SAM_5747 SAM_5746 SAM_5743 Everything looks appropriate and dainty except for this tacky chandelier. SAM_5748 My niece ordered Calamares which were cooked evenly and tasted fresh. I’m a big fan of dips and the only think I dislike about the food is that we had to ask for more. I also didn’t like that the dips are placed on the plate and cannot be passed around. We also had to ask for serving spoons for the dips even if the food we ordered was for sharing. We ordered a Classic Crispy Pata and it tasted so good. The skin was crispy and the meat, soft and tender.

Crispy Pata

I liked the Lechon Kawali Chips even though they are not the best in the city. Dad thought that it lacked salt, but we all agreed that its thinness was perfect.

Lechon Kawali

We regretted ordering the Fried Chicken. It was a little dry and Chooks To Go chicken probably better executed the flavor they were going for.

Spicy Deep-fried Chicken

Dad thought that the Paella tasted like tomato sauce. I thought that it tasted like Yang Chow Fried Rice. It did not taste like how a Paella should taste but it was okay.


The Lengua tasted so good. It’s one of the best Lenguas I have ever tasted even though I’m not really a fan of Lengua. Its softness was perfect, and the sauce together with the fried banana complimented it.

Lengua Estofado

We ordered Grilled Tuna and we don’t regret it even if its pricier than the rest of the dishes we ordered. It’s soft and non-abrasive which means that it’s fresh. Its flavor was evenly distributed and every chew enveloped my mouth with savory perfection. This is, without a doubt, the best dish that we had for brunch.

Grilled Tuna
Grilled Tuna

The entire meal costed a total of Php 4986.75. It’s a fair price considering how good the food, ambience, and the service were; we enjoyed our brunch and it helped make my niece’s confirmation be a memorable one.SAM_5740


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