Crazy Katsu

Maginhawa street boasts restaurants that are not well-known but offer good food. Crazy Katsu looked quite promising and it was just across Bookay Ukay so I decided to go there for lunch.

I liked how basic their tables and stools were but I prefer a proper chair with backrest. These probably work better in this case as the stools take less visual space and the restaurant is not really that spacious.

Crazy Katsu
Crazy Katsu

This wall is not the entire menu but they do not have much on their actual menu anyway.


I got the Miso Soup and the Chicken Katsu.

Miso Soup
Miso Soup
Chicken Katsu
Chicken Katsu

The Miso Soup was insipid; it lacked Miso. I totally got what I paid for though because it only costed me Php 30.

The chili on the Chicken Katsu surprised me because I have never seen any Katsu like it before. It topped the shredded cabbage drenched in a sauce that tasted like the mixture of vinegar and soy sauce. It did not taste good and I was disappointed. I know that I ordered the right dish as it said “Best Seller” right beside it on the menu. I also got what I paid for on this one as it only costed me Php 155. The chicken was cooked really nicely but the Chicken Katsu in our high school cafeteria back then tasted better and costed less.



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