Monosodium Gluttony

I usually try to avoid snacks that are high in monosodium glutamate and other artificial preservatives. I have been very conscious about my health since last year. I ditched my Pringles for romaine lettuce dipped in blue cheese dressing as my post-lunch snack. I also consume less A&W Root beer float and sip more TWG 1837 Black Tea.

I discovered that Regent still manufactures the junk foods that I loved when I was young.

Snacku, Sweet Corn, and Cheese Ring
Snacku, Sweet Corn, and Cheese Ring

I used to mix these three together in one bowl. Getting to eat these again was such a nostalgia; I remember eating these while wandering around my godmother’s courtyard while she and my mom catch up over coffee and cakes.

I also found this vintage-looking Coke.

Coca Cola Vanilla

I actually love root beer because it’s sweeter than coke. Now that I have tasted this, I might never drink regular coke ever again. Now, I feel like I’m 5 years old again.


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