Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

My nephew told me last Friday about where he and his friends dined after the school fair. He said that their fried chicken is really big and inexpensive. Since he did not have school today, I asked him to take me there. He did not know the name of the fast food restaurant but he assured me that it’s just a minute walk away from Regis in Katipunan Avenue.


Its interior is very hip and modern. It really looks like it’s designed for high school students.

Barbeque Large Fried Chicken
Barbecue Large Fried Chicken

I got the Barbecue Large Fried Chicken. He made no exaggerations about how large the friend chicken is. It really is large. He got the Crispy Large Fried Chicken and an extra rice since their rice servings are very small; with fried chicken servings that big, then that’s how they make money I suppose.


Being a fast food restaurant, it spares customers from paying service charge and tip. High school students on a budget can definitely eat here without hesitation. The meal is filling and tasted good for its price.  My nephew complained that their gravy is not very good but thought the same.


I wish that we had Hot Star Large Fried Chicken as a food concessionaire back when I was in high school. It’s definitely one of my favorite fast food chains now.

Xie Xie
Xie Xie

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